From Winky to China: Day 1

We are happy to host our first guest here in China.  Mr T’s sister, has come to spend ten days with us.  We plan to use the time to catch up with each other and explore what Tianjin has to offer as well as some of the big sights in Beijing.

For our first full day we did a bit of a whirlwind around Tianjin.  First taking the Metro to Ying Kou Dao we had a look at the Catholic Church and then popped into the pet market to stock up on cat food for Ravi. From there we ventured through Italian Style Town and stopped for the power lunch at Brassiere Flo. It was such a treat to eat a two course lunch at one of Tianjin’s best restaurant and the price was a treat as well (108 RMB/$17.40/£10.15)!  Next up was Ancient Culture Street and and we walked home via Da Hu Tong. A busy day, we walked over 9 km and in 32 degree heat plus humidity we were ready for an afternoon nap!

Until tomorrow

-Mrs T

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