Shan Hai Guan

I was lucky enough to take a little day trip to see two unique parts of the Great Wall of China.  From Tianjin it was 1.5 hours on the fast train.  A short taxi journey and we came to the only part of the wall that stretches over water.  Another short journey and we arrived at the Shan Hai pass, where the wall stretches into the sea.  It was a beautiful day and lovely to see a bit of seaside.  There was also a fantastic museum about the Great Wall.  I would definitely recommend this day trip; the train ticket, three entrance fees, snacks and a meal, all for 640 RMB.

-Mrs T

One thought on “Shan Hai Guan

  1. Great pictures, we will definitely check this out — I’m gonna show it to the kids tomorrow. They are starting to become worried about moving to China, so that will maybe lighten them up, ;-).

    So Long,

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