In 2009 we each left our homes in the US and the UK to begin our international teaching careers.  We have since been teaching at International schools in Qatar and Kuwait, and China.  After our son’s  birth in China we went to England for two years, then it was back to Doha where it all started. Another two year stint and on to Abu Dhabi, UAE for two more years. Thanks to the pandemic and 8 years in the Middle East we decided it was time to move on. We headed back to Asia and landed in Singapore. Mr T is teaching in a British international school and me and Little T are living our best lives as unschoolers discovering new learning opportunities everyday and everywhere.

-Mrs T

May 2022


Out playing Pokémon Go, May 2022

Christmas Day 2019, Abu Dhabi Corniche

The Ferry Inn, St. Dogmeads, Wales, July 2017

St. Margarets at Cliff, Kent, England, July 2013
St. Margarets at Cliff, Kent, England, July 2013

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Found your blog via expat blog, great to read about fellow teachers in china! Do you have a way of following you on bloglovin, I. Can’t seem to find u?

  2. Hi, I’m from ITV News in London, just seen the explosion in Tianjin. Can we speak to you about your experience as Brits living in the city? Please email me, Ed

    1. Hi, we are currently in Berkshire. I have a number here of Chris Boobier who works at Wellington College in Tianjin. He is currently in the city but please remember that it is 4.50am there. Here is his number: +86122961813. Let me know if you need anything else. Andy Turner

      1. Thanks Andy. I tried the number but it doesn’t seem to work, can you just double check it?

      2. Yes, just woke him up… He’s 40km away he says so he didn’t see or hear anything. Do you know anyone closer to the explosion area?

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