Countdown to Superbowl

Two American football posts in a week…….crazy!

Well, we found out today that an American bar ‘Hanks Bar and Grill’ just down the road is playing the Superbowl. It kicks off at 7.30am here in China so the bar opens at 5.30am. That will be 6 hours of drinking before mid-day. What is the worst that could happen?

Further more to that discovery, we also had a delivery today!



One thought on “Countdown to Superbowl

  1. Hi there! I’m an expat in Tianjin as well, and came across your post when searching for info on getting tickets to Hank’s for the Super Bowl. I see you’re from the Pacific Northwest–awesome! My husband and I are from Minnesota, and in Portland for a bit, and have friends here in TJ who are native to that area (living in Seattle, Portland, Spokane, etc). Hopefully we will have a chance to meet you at Hank’s tomorrow morning! 🙂

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