Food Trucks

Have just watched ‘Chef’ with Jon Favreau and what a treat it was! If you enjoy food shows and eating then this is for you.

Was interesting to see that the movie was produced by Roy Choi, owner of Kogi food trucks on the west coast serving Korean/Mexican fusion! Check out the website Kogi BBQ.

We were lucky enough to sample the food last year in L.A. during a visit to Venice Beach. Below are pictures of a hot dog covered in Kim Chi. TASTE SENSATION!

I guess we are going to have to go back next summer….damn!

DSCF3831 DSCF3832 DSCF3833DSCF3834

Countdown to Superbowl

Two American football posts in a week…….crazy!

Well, we found out today that an American bar ‘Hanks Bar and Grill’ just down the road is playing the Superbowl. It kicks off at 7.30am here in China so the bar opens at 5.30am. That will be 6 hours of drinking before mid-day. What is the worst that could happen?

Further more to that discovery, we also had a delivery today!