Wellington Tianjin through a student’s eyes

One of Mr T’s students took our camera out last week and I thought it would be nice to share what she captured, minus the up close shots of insects.  It was a beautiful day and she managed to get some quality pictures of what we see everyday.  Enjoy!

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-Mrs T

2 thoughts on “Wellington Tianjin through a student’s eyes

  1. Yes the ballet can be boring sometimes…but if you know the story before hand it makes it more interesting…..When I was in grade school the school did trips to see the ballet or the opera and even tho it was usually in a foreign language because we had the story it was all beautiful and sad….and the concerts were also great….especially the outdoor concerts in the park….So if at sometime you decide to have a baby or two…you will need to do that education your self even while you are carrying them….that is where education really starts…smile…no pushing on the baby thing just a thought… Only a little of that culture rubbed off on your Mom and uncle… smile….It so excites me that you are living and loving your live with a great partner….and how well you both take care of each other….and enjoy each other….

    Love & Hugs Nana…..

    1. Yes, it made a lot more sense once my co worker told us the story, unfortunately that wasn’t until the 3rd intermission! Up until then I had an idea but was mostly guessing about what was happening! If we have the chance it is something I would for sure do again!

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