Beijing Take One

For our first school holiday we took a mini trip to Beijing, inspired by The Killers playing in concert there.  We were warned that the National Day holiday is not the best time to travel to hot spots like Beijing as they are even busier than usual.  We ignored the warnings and were amused to find them very true!  Most obvious was our trip to Tiananmen Square, which was a result of going to the Forbidden City and being deterred as it was so busy you couldn’t even move once inside.  We didn’t make it into Tiananmen square either as walking towards it as far as our eyes could see was wall to wall people.  There was some silver lining in that we found a great little art gallery and got some lovely paintings for our apartment.  I guess we will just have to go back to Beijing for some sightseeing. lucky for us it is a quick 40 minutes up on the train.

Mrs T

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