The Fruit and Veg Market

After battling through coughs, colds and hangovers we decided to head down to our favourite fruit and veg market.

The pollution level was below 80 so this made the journey down a lot more desirable!

The previous day we plucked up the courage to buy a metro card. This basically saves you from queuing up at the ticket machines and also reducing the cost of the journey from 2RMB to 1.6RMB (20p to 16p or 35c to 25c). This is an absolute bargain compared to prices of public transport in the UK and US. To obtain the card all I had to do was wave, smile and make a square shape with my fingers! I then just said 50RMB (with 5 fingers displayed) and voila, the card was loaded and in my hands.

After a 10 minute tube ride from Xi Bei Jiao to Dong Nan Jiao we got a 5 minute tuk tuk to the fruit and veg market where we bought a huge bag of goodies for a grand total of 32 RMB (£3.20 or $4.80).

It is a great place to go to work on your Chinese numbers and the quality of the produce is excellent. Now all we need to do is figure out which recipes to follow this week.

Mr. T

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