A morning in Beijing’s 798 Art District

One of the greatest things about living in Tianjin is that Beijing is only 30 minutes away by train ($15 return). This means if Mrs. T wants to go shopping we can be there an hour after leaving our front door.

This morning we headed up to the art district as a new pair of shoes was on the agenda! We had a walk round taking in the quirky scenery and artwork located down the various alleys and paths.

We had heard a lot about SOYE and had seen quite a few pairs of their shoes on co-workers. Basically it is a fantastic shop full of handmade leather goods at amazing prices.

After wandering round for a while we decided to go and get a coffee, in what looked like a boutique coffee house. I saw a food bowl behind the counter and a cushion, so we were keeping an eye out for a cat or dog. To my surprise this is what we saw….

We opted against eating here!

So, departed at 7.40am and back by 2pm. A great start to the weekend!

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