From Winky to China: Day 4

Today we were back up to Beijing for two days of adventure. Our first stop was the 798 Art district. Although it took us over an hour to drive 10 miles to get there, it was one of our nicest days of sightseeing. 798 is already one of our favourite parts of Beijing, this visit we were able to see a bit more and found a delicious Japanese restaurant for lunch.

We took a short rest in our hotel and were out for our first meal of Peking Duck. We dined at Duck de Chine and were overwhelmingly impressed. The atmosphere and the service were top notch and of course the duck, was fantastic. They carved the duck tableside and along with a delicious lemon chicken dish and a few others, we were pleasantly full. We even tried the complementary red bean ice, it is a traditional Chinese pudding that we have seen on menus many times but never have been brave enough to try. It tasted good, just a bit strange on our Western palate to be eating beans for desert.

After dinner we were off to Sanlitun to visit one of our favourite cocktail bars Janes and Hooch. We were just out of the taxi when Mr T’s trusty Havaiana decided to break! We thought, ‘lucky for us, we are directly across from YaShow!’ Unfortunately it had closed just a short ten minutes before. He was forced to buy a pair of flip flops off the street (that were too small!), for more money than they were worth, and then after some convincing got some trainers from the Puma shop. An unexpected part of our evening but something I am sure we will laugh about for a long time. As always the drinks and atmosphere at Janes and Hooch was great but we kept it to one drink as we had an early start and a long day ahead of us on Friday.

-Mrs T

A morning in Beijing’s 798 Art District

One of the greatest things about living in Tianjin is that Beijing is only 30 minutes away by train ($15 return). This means if Mrs. T wants to go shopping we can be there an hour after leaving our front door.

This morning we headed up to the art district as a new pair of shoes was on the agenda! We had a walk round taking in the quirky scenery and artwork located down the various alleys and paths.

We had heard a lot about SOYE and had seen quite a few pairs of their shoes on co-workers. Basically it is a fantastic shop full of handmade leather goods at amazing prices.

After wandering round for a while we decided to go and get a coffee, in what looked like a boutique coffee house. I saw a food bowl behind the counter and a cushion, so we were keeping an eye out for a cat or dog. To my surprise this is what we saw….

We opted against eating here!

So, departed at 7.40am and back by 2pm. A great start to the weekend!