Stocking up

As a result of our Thanksgiving, I finally was able to try making my own stock.  Bones, skin and veggies simmered away most of the day Sunday and we now have a freezer full of turkey stock and fat to use in future cooking.  Made use of it tonight in a lovely pumpkin puree (using the pumpkins from the décor on Thanksgiving) and gravy for our pork chop dinner.

Mrs T

Thanksgiving Celebration

Last weekend Mrs. T organised a Thanksgiving dinner with our new friends from Wellington College and Tianjin. 6 weeks ago we made a list of 12 people that we wanted to have round for dinner, but that list quickly grew to 20. As the weeks went by and emails flew around we found ourselves with about 45 adults and 15 children!

Next step was food…..

Luckily we discovered that the St. Regis Hotel were selling cooked turkeys. Add to that everybody providing a dish and the day turned into a fabulous event! We were incredibly thankful to everybody for attending and I was particularly proud of my wife for organising the special day.