Victuals & Co.

About: Down a small side street, the exterior and menu intrigued us, we knew right away it was a place we wanted to try.

Menu: 3 to 5 choices per course, creative naming of dishes and loads of our favourite ingredients.

Starter: My first experience with scallops!!! They were beautiful and tasty, Mr T’s asparagus was tender and delicious.

Main: We chose to eat one dish at a time together.  First was Cheeky Pig 4 Ways, this left my lamb to wait, but the the flavours were so lovely it was nice to be able to enjoy them together and discuss.

Pudding: Simply presented gorgeous ice cream, and delicate poached pear.

Verdict: Exceeded our expectations and a restaurant we would have no hesitations in returning to or recommending to others!

Find it: Victuals & Co. website, Map

Mr & Mrs T

Sweet Smelling Soy

Whilst visiting Deal we stumbled across a craft market, and walked straight to a table of sweet scented soy snow.  We were intrigued by the uniqueness and sold by the fantastic aromas.  We are daily candle burners and loved the idea of creating our own candles with a bit of snow and a wick.

We tested it out in a glass at our holiday rental.  The scent was lovely whether we were burning the candle or not.  I was able to remove the remaining wax and wick, saved in a ziplock back to bring back with us.  I can even get the scent through the bag as it is sitting on my bedside table.

You can see the range of products at Weald Candle Makers.  We love our new ‘candles’ as well as being able to support a ‘local’ small business!!

Mrs T