Frozen Desserts

Frozen Desserts

It’s been our mission most evenings to head out for a walk (despite the heat). We are so lucky to be living on The Pearl and have the marina on our doorstep. What’s challenging is trying to resist the many dessert shops dotted around! We did give in last night and went to a random frozen yoghurt place called Foshy Berry.

It is by no means a fancy set up and certainly not like some of the other more upmarket places (Menchies is on our list of places to try!) but it satisfied our sweet craving!

You select yoghurt or ice cream and cover it with whatever you like. Fruit, chocolate, sauce, biscuit etc. For 12QR per 100g you can not go wrong! 

It is located next to Tower 12 in Porto Arabia. 

Give it a try, it’s not bad at all!

The Evolution of Bruton

The Evolution of Bruton

As Mr T hails from Wincanton and his Granny lives in Brewham, we often pass through Bruton and have enjoyed watching it change over the last few years. This week we have been really impressed, and had to share.

First we celebrated our wedding anniversary at Roth Bar and Grill and it was just a perfect evening. Delicious cocktails, an amazing steak and scrummy puddings. To top it off Little T was asleep when we got home (which he rarely sleeps with out mummy’s Milka)!

Today we popped into FMLY and were pleasantly surprised by the Honesty Café, space for children (giant lego and coloring), and great products. I had seen the selfish mother brand on a mummy blog and had no idea the brand was local.

Finally our reason for going into Bruton tonight was to try out the Cambodian pop up restaurant Khmer Kitchen and we were left very satisfied customers! 

The food was fresh, delicious, great value and took us back to some of the yummy food we have had on our travels. We will definitely be calling in next Wednesday.

-Mrs T

Victuals & Co.

About: Down a small side street, the exterior and menu intrigued us, we knew right away it was a place we wanted to try.

Menu: 3 to 5 choices per course, creative naming of dishes and loads of our favourite ingredients.

Starter: My first experience with scallops!!! They were beautiful and tasty, Mr T’s asparagus was tender and delicious.

Main: We chose to eat one dish at a time together.  First was Cheeky Pig 4 Ways, this left my lamb to wait, but the the flavours were so lovely it was nice to be able to enjoy them together and discuss.

Pudding: Simply presented gorgeous ice cream, and delicate poached pear.

Verdict: Exceeded our expectations and a restaurant we would have no hesitations in returning to or recommending to others!

Find it: Victuals & Co. website, Map

Mr & Mrs T