Water Taxi service in The Pearl

We’ve seen the signs and boats around The Pearl and decided to try it out. It turned out to be a nice activity for Little T and I to do in the day. The boat drivers have been super friendly and are happy to take us around just for a ride or to a specific location. It is a nice alternative to taking a TukTuk to get across The Pearl and I am sure as it gets cooler we will use it even more.

We went for The Pearl residents unlimited monthly pass for 100QR and was happily surprised to find out that is for two adults and the little one is free! You can buy your tickets on the boat or get your monthly pass at the Ronautica office near Tower 1.

-Mrs T

3 thoughts on “Water Taxi service in The Pearl

    1. Look on the second picture. There is a picture of the Pearl and it shows from which towers you can get the boat. Pier 23 is closest for us! You should definitely try it. Lovely now it’s cooler

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