Rainy summer days

Keeping an active two year old busy on rainy days is no easy task. Today we set out to grab our favorite Earls Sandwich and then head to the park for a picnic but the rain changed all that. 

Instead we popped into Yeovil Cineworld for a Movies for Juniors showing of Trolls, £6 for all three of us and we had the cinema to ourselves! For such a bargain we didn’t mind when Little T was ready to leave after an hour. 

Instead of going straight home for lunch we had a wander up Sherbourne high street. 

Popped in to Waitrose to get some bits for our supper and I saw my first golden post box.

We visited a sweet little children’s shop, Ginger and Pickle, picked up a vintage Fireman Sam book and discovered some of our favorite coffee down at the bottom of the high street. Bean Shot Coffee was the perfect spot to warm up and do a bit of reading. 

-Mrs T

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