One thought on “Why Finnish Babies Sleep in Cardboard Boxes

  1. The Finnish baby box is really wonderful and removes so much “wasted effort and resources” you know with very green parents now knowing what’s needed and whats not essential. The essentials are there. I was JUST talking about how childcare (especially early child rearing) differs around the world. I was talking about how in Norway, Finland, Sweden (likely more) but if you walk around town centers on a nice afternoon you’ll see a number of prams just “parked” outside small shops, bakeries, cafes, restaurants, etc. Of course only when it’s fairly nice weather, but we’re talking Cold – scarf weather even. Theres a sense (in Germany and Switzerland even) that exposing the baby to a bit of weather is very healthy!
    ….Sometimes I chuckle to myself wondering what the Chinese would think if someone left a sleeping baby outside in a pram in winter whilst the parents had a coffee and cake shopping break. 🙂

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