Great Leap Brewing, Beijing

We popped up to Beijing Saturday afternoon to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  The venue was Great Leap Brewing’s No. 12 location, Dongcheng district.  We arrived late afternoon and the bar had a good buzz, not too busy but a steady flow of people in and around the place.  We settled right into our lunch and some tasters.  The food was delicious and the beer just as good.  I settled on a cinnamon wheat and Mr T continued on a light and fruity pilsner.  The  great atmosphere continued through the night as it got busier and busier! We even got a serenade from a Chinese bagpipe player!

We could have easily stayed all night but popped out to catch some rugby.  As Great Leap was next door to our hotel (Holiday Inn Express: super clean, a great location and 100 times better than what you get in the UK or the US from the same brand) we made a cheeky late night stop and sampled the pulled pork sandwich and fried chicken.  An indulgent evening but something of a treat as we have yet to find the equivalent in Tianjin.

We will definitely return to this brewery, think there is talk of going this weekend! Be sure to check it out if you are in Beijing and you are looking for good food and drink.

Mrs T

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