Inspiration to realisation

Over the past few months we have seen a few of these amazing bikes around China.  Our recent trip to Xi’an and bike number 2 being on it’s last legs inspired Mr T to go for it and get one for himself.  The design and selection of parts was quite challenging as the shop owner spoke no English, but with the help of a Chinese friend over the phone an understanding was achieved.  We were able to trade in Mr T’s old bike for over half the price of the new one which was ideal considering the pedal nearly fell off on the way to make the trade.  We feel like we got the better half of the deal but I am sure the bike owner will be able to make something of his old bike with a little TLC.  We have been lucky to have beautiful crisp Autumn weather these past few days and have been out enjoying the city and our bikes.  With each ride he is becoming more confident on his brake free bike.  Lets hope we can hold onto it longer than his first bike (nicked after six days)!

Mrs T

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