Massage Club

Thanks to my lovely TA, Ying, we were introduced to Chinese Massage this weekend. To be honest I found it a bit strange when she first asked if I wanted to go get a massage with her. Getting a massage is generally something I have only done on my own, not with friends. However Mr T and I did test out Massage Envy in Gresham this summer. We had the couples room and each had our own therapist. It was a decent massage but it is still not really a social event, and I found we didn’t do much talking although it was nice to be together.

I quickly found out that a Chinese massage was much different and much more social. Ying, Mr T and I all went along together to the nearby spa, Do As Fit, about a 15 minute walk from our apartment. We were escorted by staff with earpieces and walkie talkies to our room. The décor was dark and very Chinese throughout the very big spa. Our room was set up with a tv, and four very large lazy boy type arm chairs which we later found reclined to fully horizontal. We received tea, fruit and seeds of some sort (pumpkin I think) to nibble on. And we each had a barrel of very hot water for our feet to soak in.

Our therapist began their work on our heads, shoulders and necks. Next arms and hands, and from there our feet were dried and massaged with something along the lines of Vicks Vapour Rub/Tiger Balm. The foot massage was incredibly long in length and high in quality. We knew it was coming but it was still quite surreal to see our therapist spray some alcohol into a cup, light it on fire and stick it on the bottom of our feet. Didn’t really hurt, just a strange feeling. Ying says its purpose is to pull the dampness from our bodies. Following this we were laid face down and finished with back and shoulder massage.

Throughout the hour and 40 minutes the service was fantastic and in the end we were offered complimentary dumplings and noodles. We passed on the food this time as it was nearing 10 o’clock at night, but we will definitely try them next time. All of this for the low price of $32.35/£20.38.  And with such good value for money it is something we will be sure to do on a regular basis.  We joined their VIP program and have 10 free massages to use within the next 3 months.  I am sure we will not have a problem doing this!

A Friday night massage was a great way to end a long and busy week of work and set us up for a relaxing weekend, which we really needed.

Mrs. T

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