Woking and rolling in China

We have been in Tianjin now for six days.

In that time we have

-survived intense humidity
-shopped at the market, Dahutong
-eaten a delicious meal for £2.7
-experienced Ikea, including home delivery and assembly
-used a traditional toilet
-begun to settle in at school
-walked along the canal
-bartered for a beautiful rug
-seen blue skies
-used up all our electricity
-enjoyed a meal of Korean BBQ
-communicated to taxi drivers well enough to get home
-survived the medical
-learned to maneuver our way across a 6+ lane cross walk, with cars and bikes coming from all directions
-had a hot pot for dinner
-begun to make our house a home

All in all we are doing well, just ready to get the school year underway as the week leading up to it is always more stressful than the actual teaching is!

20130820-202442.jpg View of school from just across the street.

20130820-202540.jpg Dahutong market, and some serious bartering!

20130820-202518.jpg The result!

20130820-202726.jpg The canal and path just across from school.

20130820-205704.jpg View of school from the sports field.

20130820-205852.jpg Shopping mall just around the corner, Aqua City.

20130820-210048.jpg Korean BBQ, it took four giggling waitresses to take our order in English via pictures on the menu.

20130820-210533.jpg A very interesting restaurant in Aqua City called Modern Toilet, we will definitely be dining here soon!

Mr. and Mrs. T

4 thoughts on “Woking and rolling in China

  1. Sound like that you have got some of the little things sorted and I bet that Andy would of loved bartering for that rug which just looks amazing Love the pictures your new school its just looks so quaint for China, make me want to start travelling again but not sure with a child lol

    1. The bartering was quite entertaining. Lots of laughs, calculators and handwritten offers. And yes the school seems quite fab, grand looking but still small population, one or two classes per year group. There is always a room for you here when you get the itch!!

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