Travel Time

Each journey we take I learn a bit more about how to improve the process.  I received this Cath Kidston bag as a gift from my mother-in-law last year and have since learned it is perfect for flying.  It is structured and can hold loads; yesterday mine was filled with wallet, Kindle, iPad, clear plastic pouch with my 100ml liquids, soft pouch containing other necessities, pencil case, scarf, neck pillow, passports, iPhone, Mr T’s wallet, one last spinach fatayer  and probably a few other bits and bobs.  The best part is that it fits perfectly under the seats in the plane and can handle being pushed around by my feet as it is made with Kidston standard PVC coated cotton.

Another lesson I have learned is to always have a writing utensil, I find nothing worse than needing to fill out a landing card and having to borrow a pen from another passenger.  I was doubly prepared for this trip as the Mr. and I received some lovely leaving gifts: Jack Wills pencil case and a gorgeous Swarvoski glitter pen.  Now I will always be prepared whilst also thinking of our dear friends back in Kuwait.


Lastly whilst on the topic of travel I must mention the tip I once read and have since followed religiously: always pack a change of clothes in your carry on baggage for that chance your checked luggage does not meet you on the other side.  So far I have never been faced with this dilemma (touch wood), but my dear friends recently arrived in Paris without their three suitcase and I can’t help but wish I had written this post three days sooner!!

Mrs. T

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