One of the children’s rooms, Little T came right in and made himself cosy.

I learned today Maktaba is Arabic for library, and I discovered this FANTASTIC place! I am honestly so excited I had to write about it straight away. Whenever I move to a new place  finding the local library is one of the first things I do. Even more important now with a little one to keep busy and interested in reading. When I came across the name recently it sounded familiar and I remembered that over the summer term Mr T’s school had been doing a book drive for the library, but at the time I had no idea what the books were for.

So first visit today, and I am very impressed. The space is cosy, colourful and welcoming. Downstairs there is a toddler playroom with books, and two other rooms with children’s books and some toys. There is an art room for crafts and lessons for children and adults and a kitchen for eating with your children and making a hot drink. I just peeped through the window to see the garden out back, which planting will begin soon when it cools down a bit more. Upstairs there are books for older children and adults and quiet areas for reading.

They offer story time everyday at 10:30 and 3:45 with activities following. Sunday is Toddlers Playgroup in Arabic, Monday is Toddler Movement or Food Adventures, Tuesday is Toddler Art , Wednesday is Sensory /Messy Play – and Thursday Toddler Garden Club. There are afternoon activities for school aged children as well. It looks as though they have a lot of ideas and want to do even more, this is just what I have learned so far.

There is an annual membership fee + a refundable deposit. It allows for 3 books to be checked out for two weeks, renewals can be made as well. Membership includes story times and activities, non-members pay for activities. It was a no-brainer for me as I know I will definitely be back and I felt so welcomed and comfortable there, we joined today! I am looking forward to lots of fun times ahead and hopefully a lovely community place to spend time and begin to feel a part of something here in Doha.

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-Mrs T


Holiday in Somerset

Here is the first of many posts we have been thinking of but have been unable to get to.  This final term of school has been busier than ever, things are beginning to wind down and we have a bit of extra time now.

Our last bit of traveling took us back home to England.  We spent most of our time visiting family and shopping for our favourite products that are not so easy to find here in China.

-Mrs T