For the love of sushi

For the love of sushi

When Mr T and I first met I was still new to sushi, sticking exclusively to California rolls and the only fish he would eat was tuna from a tin. Fast forward seven years later and there is nothing we love more than finding a great Japanese restaurant to enjoy some delicious sushi.

Whilst living in Kuwait our favourite way to spend a weekend morning was using the gym and pool at the Holiday Inn followed by lunch in their Japanese restaurant Sakura. We started by just enjoying the basics, teriyaki chicken and edamame and over time became a bit more adventurous with our choices.

When we lived in China there was a phenomenal selection of Japanese food. We found a lovely little hole in the wall around the corner from our apartment and it was a weekly event. We were even lucky enough to visit a friends restaurant whose fish came in each morning fresh from Japan. It was our one regret not visiting Japan whilst in China but we will get there soon.

The past two years living in the UK, sushi became our London treat. Where we lived there was the odd fast food sushi and Waitrose sometimes did it well, but nothing was as good as Eat Tokyo. So any trip to London included a visit to Eat Tokyo. Little T had his first visit when he was ten months old and luckily for us, he loved it.

Now in Doha we have been pleased to find an authentic Japanese restaurant, a short tuk tuk ride away, walking distance when it gets a bit cooler. Junko was just the kind of place we like. It was slightly pricey but we never mind paying a bit more for good quality. For our first visit we ordered all of our standards: miso soup, cucumber and avocado maki, spicy tuna rolls, green salad, chicken katsu and agedashi tofu. We also tried the salmon skin roll. Everything was delicious! We over ordered in our excitement but that was ok as we had some tofu and rice for lunch the next day. Not only was the food fantastic but the staff were great, especially with Little T. We will definitely be going back.

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I’m sure there are many more sushi options in Doha and we are looking forward to exploring these in the foreseeable future!

Mrs. T


Frozen Desserts

Frozen Desserts

It’s been our mission most evenings to head out for a walk (despite the heat). We are so lucky to be living on The Pearl and have the marina on our doorstep. What’s challenging is trying to resist the many dessert shops dotted around! We did give in last night and went to a random frozen yoghurt place called Foshy Berry.

It is by no means a fancy set up and certainly not like some of the other more upmarket places (Menchies is on our list of places to try!) but it satisfied our sweet craving!

You select yoghurt or ice cream and cover it with whatever you like. Fruit, chocolate, sauce, biscuit etc. For 12QR per 100g you can not go wrong! 

It is located next to Tower 12 in Porto Arabia. 

Give it a try, it’s not bad at all!