Sunset walk at Botanic Gardens

Sunset walk at Botanic Gardens

We ended our week with a walk through the Botanic Gardens looking for bats with our favourite Naturalist, Dr. Leong. Walks with Dr. L have become one our favourite learning experiences here in Singapore and it was even more special today to share it with dear friends from Abu Dhabi.

For Little T and I it was our first visit to this section of the Botanic Gardens. I found it fascinating to see it teeming with people when we arrived at 17.30 and then completely deserted as we finished up around 20.00.

We saw many bats and used a bat locator to tune in and hear their sounds and find them in the sky. Just as we were about to leave we managed to catch a fruit bat gathering nectar/pollinating a banana tree!

-Mrs T

Using the bat locator.