Holiday in Somerset

Here is the first of many posts we have been thinking of but have been unable to get to.  This final term of school has been busier than ever, things are beginning to wind down and we have a bit of extra time now.

Our last bit of traveling took us back home to England.  We spent most of our time visiting family and shopping for our favourite products that are not so easy to find here in China.

-Mrs T



Home, again


Back in Tianjin today. The longer we live abroad and travel the more apparent it becomes that we don’t have just one ‘home’. After a lovely two weeks at ‘home’ in England we arrived home today with oodles of Easter chocolates, my new hobby (cross stitch) biscuits galore and coffee capsules to last us for months. Our apartment was beautiful and clean and we couldn’t have been more pleased to see Ravi, who after about ten minutes of being grumpy with us, hasn’t left our side since we’ve been back.

Cases are unpacked, laundry is done and jet lag is setting in. Nine short hours and we will be back in the classroom!

Glad to be home sweet home.

-Mrs T

Dumplings on our doorstep

We have had the chance to sample a small portion of street food here in Tianjin.  To our delight a new vendor has set up shop just outside our apartment.  And double delight was that he was selling dumplings, our new favourite dish.  For 60p or $0.98 we had a heaping bowl of pork dumplings, a perfect snack to end the day!

Mrs T