Flat White

Flat White

Even before we moved here we had been scoping out what restaurants and cafes were near our tower, and we were hopeful Flat White would be our kind of place. We were not disappointed and are so pleased to have such a fantastic coffee house to call our local.

We’ve made it our Friday tradition to pop in early for a drink and sometimes cake. We generally have the whole cafe to ourselves which is nice for Little T not to be confined to a table. He, as well as us, have grown to love the barista. Straight away he hops up to watch her work and then we retire to a comfy couch with a low table with wooden stools just his size.

So why do we love this place? For starters the coffee is head and shoulders above the many international chain shops that are here. It is slightly more expensive, but you get what you pay for. Delicious coffee, prepared with love. Mr T has been loyal to the flat white each week and is always pleased.

I have been sampling the different lattes and local teas. Most recently I tried the chai latte and it was beautiful, not overly sweet, just spicy, milky goodness, a perfect accompaniment to the in house pistachio cardamom cake. Last week I tried the karak, a local tea, this is quite sweet, rich and spicy, it also has the smallest price tag of all the drinks and a generous serve at 8qr.

What I love most about the space is that it is filled with plants and bespoke wooden furniture. Concrete floors and big windows make you feel like you could be at a trendy cafe anywhere in the world.

-Mrs T

Coffee with a toddler is not always relaxing but usually fun!